Berlin Halloween

Berlin Halloween With the Locals

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Inspiration from the locals on how to enjoy a Berlin Halloween whether you’re a child or an adult Halloween approaches… Witches, ghosts, zombies and other creatures of magic and mystery prepare for a night of spooky fun in the world of the living. Why not spend it in Berlin, the world centre of night clubs, great parties and good vibes. Read . . .[Read More]

Rixdorf Village Berlin

Our 600 Year Old Village – Roxdorf Village Berlin

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The capital city of Germany holds many hidden secrets including Rixdorf village Berlin. Berlin has evolved from the diversion and destruction of the past. The city has achieved this by not only moving forward, but moving in a way that embraces the past whilst warmly welcoming the present. An example of this union of past and present is the 600-year-old . . .[Read More]